Landscape Design Ideas For Small Backyards In Singapore

Do you love backyard landscapes?

But you have a small backyard?

Don’t worry!! A small backyard does not mean you should be deprived of backyard landscapes. You can hire our landscaping services or garden and landscaping services to make use of your small backyard. Our team of professional designers will completely transform your backyard. All you need to do is tell us your preference and we will deliver the end result.

Don’t know what you need in your backyard landscape Here are a few ideas to inspire. Have a look and get your backyard landscape designed by one of the best landscape contractors in Singapore.

1. Make Use of Vertical Space

Walls and fences are great use when you have a small space. You can use this vertical space to add some greenery to your garden and leave the ground for the other purpose. Plant vines or use light-weight wall hanging flower pots. You can also make it a DIY project to cut your landscaping cost. There are plenty of online resources available to inspire you.

2. Add A BBQ Space

Do you love to BBQ in your backyard?

Having a BBQ pit in your backyard is a great way to fulfill your desires. There are all sorts of BBQ pits available and you can choose one to suit the size of your backyard. Compliment it with a nice patio or seating and you can host small BBQ parties in your backyard.

3. Pay Attention to the Side Yard

Do you have a side yard? Don’t ignore it! You can use it for planting flowers or vegetables and add greenery and freshness to your side yard landscape. Or you can construct a side stone slab or pebble path along with green edges.

4. Add A Patio

Do you like patios? Why not have one in your backyard landscape?

You have two options for a patio, a traditional one or a sunken patio. A traditional patio will take up most of your backyard and you can add greenery in the corners of your backyard. Add a tree in the corner or layered flower pots to add greenery to your backyard.

Sunken patios are more innovative and modern. They make your backyard look bigger and more modern. You can also add plants and shrubs to the sides of the patio to add greenery to it.

5. Use The Corners

Corners are a great space to add those small and extra features to your backyard landscape. You can add a small pond in the corner as a water feature, or a fireplace with seating will add a cozy feel to your backyard.

And if you have kids at home, a small climbing gym in the corner will definitely excite your kids.

6. Add A Water Feature

Do you want to make your backyard landscape a relaxing place in your home? Add a water feature to your backyard landscape.

Nothing gives a more relaxing and soothing feeling than the feel and sound of water falling in your surroundings. Mini fountain, or bubbling sphere can be a great source to add a water feature to your tiny backyard. They are self-containing and do not require much maintenance. Big fountains or waterfalls require more maintenance and you will need to install a filter and power source to it.

7. Add a Pool

Having a pool in the backyard is a dream of many homeowners. However, small backyards often demolish those dreams. But small soaking pools can make your pool dreams come true. These pools are smaller in size and can be easily installed. However, you won’t be able to swim in it. These soaking pools are good for dips and lounging in the hot days.

8. Skip the Grass

If you don’t like the grass or you don’t want to have a high-maintenance backyard landscape that needs to be watered and mowed regularly, skip the grass.

Yes, you read it right!! Having grass is not necessary for your backyard landscape. You can swap it with pebble, concrete or wooden flooring or a mixture and with grass. And you can always add the touch of greenery by adding pots or vines on the walls.

9. Plant a Tree

Planting dwarf species of trees will add that little bit of nature and will complete the look of your backyard landscape.

10. Connect the Backyard

If you ask a designer how we can make a room look bigger, they will tell you to create an illusion. So don’t hesitate to join your backyard with a room. Install a glass floor-to-ceiling window to create the illusion.

We hope our blog will give you some great ideas to design your small backyard landscape. If you need any professional guidance, feel free to contact Satori Landscape. From gardening and landscaping services to landscape maintenance services, we are here to help with all your gardening and landscaping needs.