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We serve with passion.integrity.love.care.
We co-create landscape gardens in harmony with nature.

 Satori Landscape


Gardening is a passion. Unless you feel passionate about having flowers and plants around your home you cannot cultivate a good one. This is what we have and we decided that our passion for greenery should help others enjoy them too. That is how we started Satori, a company dedicated to creating more green spaces around you.

Zen tradition is all about enlightening yourself to reach your true nature. Satori is a term that means understanding the true nature of oneself. Where else can you enjoy yourself better other than the tranquil atmosphere of a beautiful garden? The smells and the fresh air can certainly help you remain calm and discover something different about yourself.

We are landscaping and gardening experts who are passionate about our jobs. This is what has helped us create some of the most beautiful green areas in Singapore. Our work has helped many homes and commercial areas to look more beautiful along with the fresh air in a blooming garden. We do our bit to keep the environment clean for future generations.


Satori offers a variety of gardening and landscaping services to make your home or commercial establishment become an oasis amid this city.


For the landscaping and garden to remain beautiful and healthy, you must maintain it well. Satori offers you landscape maintenance service to keep your gardens looking beautiful and healthy. This service will include periodical grass management, plant pruning, tree trimming, pest control, composting and fertilising the soil, etc.


It may be fun to water the plants yourself. But when you are busy or travelling, an auto-Irrigation System would be helpful. Plants require water for their growth and to remain fresh all the time. Installing an Auto-Irrigation System is the ideal solution to the problem. Satori offers you different kinds of irrigation that can be installed in your garden to suit your plants.


Laying turf is one of the best ways to make your garden look beautiful and green all over. We can help remove your old garden turfing and lay new turf. All the removal work and preparation of the soil for turfing will be done by us meticulously. We will lay the turf in the best manner and you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn. Care must be taken to not walk on them until they are settled well.


You can grow a lot of plants inside your house, which will give you fresh air daily. Indoor gardening is catching up very fast with various solutions available to make your indoors green without getting the place dirty. We can offer multiple solutions for indoor gardening and recommend the best selection of plants.

Most of the house plants are easy to maintain and grow. But they must be given the care that they need. They came from a greenhouse atmosphere and will take time to adjust to the indoors. Giving them enough water and light is the primary requirement while not forgetting the humidity and temperature.


For a garden to look beautiful, we need to plan out the site and select the appropriate plants, quantities, and sizes. Various rules guide the landscaping contractor when he or she lays your garden. We will ensure we follow these scientific guidelines, which will ensure that your garden looks as appealing as it can be.

We will design the garden perfectly and ensure the correct implementation of the design. We can also include your ideas in the landscape design and get you the look that you wanted for your home garden.


Whether you are the CEO of a corporation or a homeowner, you can show your commitment to keeping the earth healthy. Using as little energy as possible is an idea that everyone has, and the best way to reduce your heating and cooling requirements is to have a green roof and green walls for your building. They also help in preventing the runoff of storm-water. These plants capture pollutants and make the air cleaner.

Many of the companies have made it their responsibility to install green roofs and walls in all their buildings as part of their commitment to a cleaner environment. With more technology available for the installation of these systems, it has become easier and quicker to install these and maintain them well.